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Global Business Funding Group is a specialized merchant banking and business consulting firm dedicated to bringing capital to growth-stage private companies in the USA. Unlike most other advisors, we partner with client companies to implement  business planning, as well as operational and financial best practices in preparation for raising capital. The industry expertise, hands-on operating experience and board-level relationships of our senior team help client companies accelerate growth and profitability through the capital raise and the next phases of growth.

Global BFG’s process begins with the development of an institutional level investor-ready business plan package. The package is designed to deliver what investment analysts need to see, the way they need to see it.

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The Impending China Slowdown:
What it means for mid-market US investment

Anyone remember April 2000? I do. That’s when the internet bubble (1.0) burst. The straw that broke the camel’s back was likely the famous Alan Abelson article in Barron’s that talked about a little thing called cash burn—that nobody thought was important. Until it was. Most investors believed internet stocks, and the market in general, would go up forever. Until it didn’t. Fortunately my stock own market downgrades predated Barron’s article. I will take the good luck. There have been other market bubbles before and since and each time investors forgot how these run ups and melt downs happen. Until they happen again. Each time they say…”It’s different this time”. Until it isn’t. Wall Street has a short memory.

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“There is a formula for success in growth stage businesses. It’s part art, part science. The formula only becomes apparent after decades of success. Growth champions follow that formula – and succeed.”

Alan Braverman, CEO, Global Business Funding Group