In addition to growing companies and making acquisitions for our own account, we also help others.

The single biggest reason small companies fail to achieve abundant success is due to a lack of capital.

The single most important tool a company can have to raise capital is a well-considered, professional business plan. We build business plans in a form and format potential investors and potential partners understand. We help companies think through the answers to the questions these potential stakeholders want to understand. GBFG has helped many businesses consider different strategic options, build their financial plans and help them fund their dreams.

GBFG Business Plan Packaging

There are a lot of ways for a business owner to create a business plan when seeking growth capital. You can write it yourself – although the U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that it will take you 400 hours. You can have your attorney and accountant assist you. You can hire any of a number of companies who prepare professionally written business plans at relatively low costs. But will the business plan bring you success in your growth capital raise?

As business analysts and investors, we want you to know that more than 90% of those plans do not make it past the investor’s first-pass, when a decision is often made in less than a minute. Why? Because virtually all of those business plans lack an investor’s perspective – essential for a successful growth capital raise.

Global Business Funding Group (GBFG) Champion Building process starts with the development of a unique Business Plan Package specifically designed to deliver what investment analysts need to see, the way they need to see it. Investors have responded enthusiastically to the GBFG approach. In fact, they have called GBFG’s Business Plan Packages the “best they’ve ever seen”.

Why do GBFG’s Business Plans resonate with Investors?

It's a combination of:

  • GBFG's reputation
  • Independent analysis
  • Form and format

GBFG’s reputation among investors sets the stage – with investors expecting a top- shelf investment opportunity even before they open a plan. Also, we do not just pass along your work or cut and paste it onto new letterhead (as many other firms do). GBFG does its own deep-dive due diligence, independently verifies the market size, and builds the financials from scratch. We even engage a third party to do an independent equity research report. Finally, our institutional roots from decades on Wall Street – plus decades of marketing experience – combine to create the unique form and format of our Plans: institutional quality work that graphically "pops" and jumps off the investor's desk, begging to be read.

Global’s Business Plan Packages include:

  1. Investment Snapshot: a one-page salient fact sheet of the investment opportunity that lets an investor determine first-pass interest in 30 seconds
  2. Investment Brief: like a revved-up Executive Summary, with the key details that illuminate your big idea and how it will provide ROI for investors
  3. Investor Presentation: the popular “investor deck,” the PowerPoint presentation lets you convey the main points in a dozen quick but pointed slides
  4. Business Plan: the core of the Package, the Business Plan is a 35-60 page document designed to provide the potential investor with a more effective way to analyze your investment opportunity
  5. Independent Financials: dynamic financial projections with the independent, realistic view investors seek
  6. Equity Research Report: an independent analysis of your industry, your growth potential, your financials, marketing plan, and valuation of your company


Tell us a little about your company and your goals. We’ll contact you to discuss your business growth.


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